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Souhegan Valley Tree Service was started in 2012 but its roots go back as far as 1998. Ron and Kenneth have worked together in the tree business for over 15 years. Our partnership has been successful because both of us share the same ideals about the business. We run our company on the cornerstone principals of honesty and integrity. We will never recommend something for you and your trees that is unnecessary. Souhegan Valley Tree Service takes pride in treating your property as if it is our own.  
Tree Work by Ron Merchant

Ron Marchant

Ron is a lifelong resident of the Hollis and Brookline area, having graduated from HBHS in 1998. Residential tree work was his first full time job after high school. Ron has an Associates degree in Forestry from the Thompson School of Applied Sciences at UNH. Ron is married to Sarah Marchant who works for the city of Nashua as the Community Development Director, and has two children in elementary school. 
Kenneth Stewart

Born in 1976 in New Haven, Connecticut, my family moved to Nashua, New Hampshire when I was eight years old. I am a class of 1995 graduate from Hollis /Brookline High School. I have lived in Nashua, Hollis, Brookline, and Hudson. I currently live with my daughter Abigail in Nashua.

My first experience with tree work happened when I was five, when a company took down a large maple tree across the street from my house. I was amazed how they managed to remove such a gigantic(to a five year old) tree without damaging the house, or the property. At the age of nineteen a friend was working at local Nashua tree company and they gave me an opportunity to start as a ground man. 

There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment that I get from doing this work. I leave job sites every workday knowing that a visible difference was made. I have always felt for the last 19 years that I am truly lucky to work doing something I love.
Tree Work by Kenneth Stewart
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