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Tree Removal

Souhegan Valley Tree Service is well known for their ability to remove trees of any size. We have several expert tree climbers and work closely with one of the largest and well respected crane companies in southern NH. The combination of these things make even the largest and most difficult tree removal projects manageable.

Crane Work

Utilizing a crane has many advantages in tree work.  
  1. Helps in removing trees that are too tall for the bucket truck to safely remove. 
  2. Preserves the landscape around your property by lifting the tree in sections and placing them down in a designated landing area. 
  3. Makes removing trees that are close to the wires or the house much safer.
  4. Using a crane increases the amount of work that can be done in a days time.

Bucket Truck Removal
Souhegan Valley Tree uses advanced techniques to take to take your trees down safely. We use ropes in combination with a knowledge of mechanical advantage to protect your home and landscaping. We are constantly updating our inventory of tools and skills.

Tree Climbing
We also employ several expert tree climbers to access the most difficult to reach trees, this technique is generally used when a truck can not be driven up to the tree and a crane can not reach or is cost to prohibitive to rent. 

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